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I grew up playing music...concert flute and piano.  After school, music fell by the wayside as life and career progressed.  At some point about 15 years ago, the desire to return to music, coupled with the love for the Native American Flute, inspired me to buy my first flute, and then another, and another.....

I entered a Native American Flute player's competition at Native Rhythms Festival in 2018 and won the competition with the opportunity to be a performer at a future festival.  I had a lot of songs that I had composed already, and began to take the idea of recording more seriously. 

This is where my husband Joe enters the picture.  He has a similar story.  He also played the trumpet while growing up, and music eventually took a backseat to life and career.  Turns out, there was a percussionist inside of him waiting to get out, and he discovered his true musical passion many years ago when he took his first djembe lesson.  Things progressed from there and now we have a house full of flutes and many different percussion instruments.  Joe also enjoys the side of music that focuses on recording, sound mixing, and live performances.

We released our album Take Flight - Around the World on the Native American Flute. in 2019.  The song Peggy's Cove received an award nomination for Best Song, Solo Flute from the Native American Style Flute Awards in 2020.  We are diligently working on new music and adding new and interesting instruments into the mix.  It is an absolute joy to play music together!

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